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Welcome to Fuwanovel Wiki,
Dedicated to making Visual Novel Fan Translation Easy.
We have 4 articles.
Annot Player I Love Visual Novels! (Volunteer) Free Culture
Thanks to Jichi's Annot Player, it is now possible to subtitle ANY visual novel without needing to hack into it. See Guide to Fan Translation using Annot Player. Simply download it, hook it up to your game, login, then start translating! Or to help with a specific project, see Contact a Group. Culture is not something you just consume, it's something you do. If you love visual novels then it is only human nature you would want to express it. Make a blog. Write some news for us. Know photoshop? Help cut out some sprites. Write dialog using EXISTING characters. Put them in the game! See I Don't Know Japanese but I Want To Help With Other Stuff. The history of copyright is the history of misinformation. Ideas, once expressed, cannot by nature be a form of property because it is non-scarce and non-rivalrous. Intellectual property is an oxymoron, a meaningless concept. It is tyranny of the mind because you are not respecting any property rights, you are in fact surrendering your own liberty to share and to build on human knowledge. If you have some time read up on Why Intellectual Property is Neither Intellectual nor Property.
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